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How Much Will Smoking Cessation Cost?

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How Much Does Smoking Cost


Take a look at the table below. How many do you smoke?

See how much you will save when you quit smoking. You can see that if you were smoking 10 a day then the cost of therapy will be recouped in just 4.5 weeks, 20 a day then just over 2 weeks.

Now couple this with all those health benefits to yourself and loved ones, you know it makes perfect sense to stop smoking now.


This is an Interesting piece By LYDIA WILLGRESS FOR MAILONLINE


"Cost of a packet of cigarettes could rocket to £15 as part of new measures in the fight against cancer"


  • Measure is part of six health 'priorities' recommended in new report
  • £2billion five-year plan will focus on prevention and early diagnosis
  • Experts hope it could save 30,000 lives each year when implemented






The therapy usually takes just one long session which may last up to 2.5 hours, but don't worry you can have a comfort break.

Most clients leave the consulting room as non smokers, very occasionally a client will call after a few days needing some support, so a booster session is included in the price to be taken within six weeks of the main session.


The Price:  £180.00  


If an appointment needs to be cancelled or rescheduled, please give as much notice as possible.  In the event that 24 hours notice cannot be given a charge may be applied.


Payment may be by cash or cheque or bank transfer




Number Smoked per Day Cost per Week Cost per Year
10 £35.00 £1,820.00
20 £67.20 £3,494.40
30 £102.20 £5,314.40
40 £134.40 £6,988.80
50 £169.40 £8,808.80
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