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Smoking Cessation at Work


Employee Benefits – individual stop smoking assistance


Most people who smoke want to stop. I see many clients for smoking cessation and one of the questions I always ask is surprisingly simple, “are you glad you started smoking”?  You can imagine the answer is always a resounding NO! Most smokers want to stop, employers probably want them to stop too especially if you consider how many hours are lost each day for smoking breaks. Have you ever wondered what the effect of smoking (and vaping) has on your workforce and your bottom line?  A study by the Centre for Economics and Business Research found the average British smoker takes four smoking breaks during the working day, lasting around 10 minutes each, as well as taking nearly an entire day more in sick leave a year than non-smokers.



There is also the extra burden on the workforce covering for illness, if its long term there could also be the cost of hiring temporary workers to cover. Other things to consider are your corporate health insurance premiums; could they be reduced if there were fewer smokers? 


Think how much each employee would gain, they would probably be healthier, and would benefit financially, 20 cigarettes a day cost around £67 per week which is around £3,494 per year.


Corporate image is vital these days, a group of smokers puffing noisily away outside the building, coupled with their smoke wafting around and the discarded cigarette butts, which are not biodegradable, doesn’t always create the most positive image.  A company who is helping their workforce to stop smoking, committing to employee health will present a more positive corporate image.


Recommended payment ratio


I don’t recommend that the company pays 100% of the fee; in order to show involvement and also commitment to the process the employee needs to make a financial contribution. This ratio is something that you as the company can establish, perhaps company 70% - employee 30%.


What Happens in a Session


The smoking habit is removed normally in one session which takes around 2 hours, the first part is working on, amongst other things your reasons for smoking and also reasons to stop smoking. The second part is the hypnotherapy itself. We will work on both the physical and psychological aspects of smoking. There is also a follow up session within a month if needed, this is genuinely very rarely taken up. I work on a one to one basis as I have found group sessions less effective as there are often personal considerations to take into account.

Hypnotherapy is (for most) a very relaxing and enjoyable process, there is no mind control, you cannot get stuck and you can’t be made to do something that is against your will.


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